Lindsey G  

I went in DFW for the first today. I had talked to a lady in a thrift store and she was telling me she worked there and that I should come check it out. I honestly never thought anymore of it. Today, after work, I decided to go to the big St. Francis store to check it out and little did I know, DFW was right beside of it. So of course I had to go in and check it out.

It is an amazing store! Name brand clothing and products for great prices. They have a little bit of everything! An amazing selection of women and men’s clothing. Not a lot for little boys. A decent selection of girls clothes. There’s no way a person couldn’t go in there and not leave with something they found that they like. Store is well kept, organized and clean. They also had s great selection of clearance women’s clothes. I love that this store provides all styles of clothing. Relaxed, workout, casual, dress up, business. Anything you want, they have it.

I will definitely be shopping here often (probably more then I should, Lol.) I have to say, I am glad I decided to swing by that thrift store today because it gave me the perfect opportunity to go in.

Staff was very friendly, helpful and talkative (which I enjoy when checking out and such.)

officially licensed university of dayton sweatshirt

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